Mom Jeans


Hi guys!!!

As a first post I’m showing you an outfit that is good-looking and practical. These are two factors that I prioritize everyday!!! So, I have chosen a basic stripped T-shirt and a pair of mom jeans. You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans, especially if they are high waisted!!! Apart from being the most confortable thing you can wear, it leaves you with the perfect silhouette.

The heels add some sophistication to the outfit and without them it would be very casual. Usually I don’t use heels because I have to stand up the most part of the day. The day I took these photos was not one of these days. I was in holidays and wear heels all day was not a problem at all!!!

To complete the look, I have added a basic purse and black sunglasses. The red lipstick is the cherry on the top of the cake, giving some colour to the look!!!

What do you think about this outfit? I hope you have enjoyed!!



T-shirt: Zara(new collection) // Jeans: Zara (ss14) // Heels: Mango (ss14) // Bag: Parfois (ss14) // Sunglasses: Parfois (new collection) // Watch: Parfois (new collection) // Bracelet: Pandora (Essence Collection)