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Hi guys!!!

I can’t believe the summer is ending. We are already in September and I hate when the days start to get smaller… it looks like I have less time to make all my daily tasks. I took these photos during the afternoon and I completely forgot that the sunset is no longer at 21.30h. The lack of sunlight is the reason why the quality of the photos is not the best. Anyway, this is one of my favourite outfits and I want to show you.

Today, the look is sporty-chic. The combination of these two different styles makes always an awesome outfit. In this case, it’s a very simple one. I have mixed black trousers and a blouse with heels.
The cut of the trousers allows you to have not only a sophisticated look but also a sporty one, depending on how you conjugate them. I have chosen to wear heels, but if you prefer you can use snickers instead. They would look great in the two ways. These trousers reminds me the training ones, that are used to run or to go to the gym, because of their elastic waistband that makes them look very confortable.  At the same time their material is more sophisticated.
The same happens to the blouse. Apparently it can look like a fancy one due to its material and its cut. On the other hand,this blouse has details that give it a sporty touch: the black lines that reminds some sporty marks like adidas for example; or its collar.
To assure a sporty-chic look, I added a basic clutch and basic heels. The heels have this important detail that makes them appropriate for this kind of look: they aren’t the slimmest.
About the colours, the black and white combination is my favourite to sporty-chic outfits.

Do you like this kind of look? Have you ever tried a sporty-chic look before? What clothes do you associate?

I hope you like this post,




Trousers, blouse: Zara (new collection) // Heels: Zara (SS14) // Bag, watch: Parfois (new collection) // Bracelet: Pandora (Essence Collection)


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