Flower Print


Hi guys!!!

While organizing my computer I found out this set of pictures that I almost forgot to show you. We shoot them in Lisbon, during the summer holidays while walking near the ‘Tejo’ river. It has been a while since the last time I had a whole summer vacation, more properly since my first day at the medical school. Every year I spend part of the summer in Portugal in order to see my friends and family, however, as I always have some of my finals in September, I have to study during the whole August. This way, I really appreciate such breaks taken during the middle of the struggle. At least I still have a whole month of vacation in July, right?

About the look, I am in love with this girly dress! Its length was originally longer, but I ordered to get it shorter. This way it looks more youthful. The cut of this brightly colored dress is very interesting: although not totally, the back is shown. This characteristic along with delicate straps and a smooth tissue provides movement to the dress and an elegant touch! The colors also highlight our summer brunette skin, and besides being one of my favorites, the flower print is always a summer tendency! So, I guess that this dress brings together all the conditions to be one of my favorites for the summer!
To complete the look I have chosen to wear silver heels, a denim Jacket and a white purse. The color of the shoes matches with almost everything, being always a good option!! In addition, the heels assure a sophisticated outfit. In the other hand, the jacket gives a casual touch to the look, not only due to its material but also for being an oversize one.
At last, I added some silver complements, making the look funnier.

I hope you all have a great week!





Dress, Jacket, Sandals, Purse: Zara (ss14) // Necklace: Mango

Photography: David Cavalheiro


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