Trench Coat


Hi guys!!!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty calm. I spent the whole Saturday studying a few chapters of one of my subjects. Boring, I know… but it had to be done, right? In the middle of the study I spent some time packing up my summer clothes in order to make some room in my closet for the winter ones. Since the weather is having its ups and downs at the moment, I left a few drawers with fresh clothes – just in case. Each season I waste a few hours on this process to get my seasonal clothes more accessible for the day to day. The only way to avoid it would be if I could have a dreamy walk in closet. I wish, who wouldn’t?

Sunday was a funnier day! When I woke up I dedicated some quality time to take my morning coffee while enjoying my vogue magazine. After lunch it was shooting time. Who knows me recognize my happiness while I am being photographed! We shot one of my favorites outfits at the moment – I will show you soon! At the last hours of the afternoon we meet our friends for a walk by the city. We end up enjoying some ‘pinchos’ in a bar/restaurant in ‘el Born’. A Sunday well spent brings a week of content, right?

About the look, I am wearing a lime trench coat that doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s one of those garments that at a first glance you think you shouldn’t buy because it won’t fit with anything you have. Usually this kind of garment ends up being the star of the outfit wherever you use it! I took the risk and I bought it. I couldn’t be happier with my decision! There’s no doubt that this is the color of the season and besides adding some life to black and white outfits like this one, it also goes great with other tonalities of greens or even with a simple pair of jeans. I can’t stop wearing it actually!

I hope you guys start the week full of energy! Go for it, I know you can 😉



Blouse, Trousers: Mango (ss14) // Trench Coat: Zara (new collection) // Heels: Zara (ss14) // Purse: Parfois (new collection) Bracelet: Pandora (essence collection)

Photography: David Cavalheiro


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