Fall in Paris


Hi guys!!!

During the last weeks I have embarked in the work. My practical classes have finally begun and with the accumulation of tasks it has been really complicated to me to find some time for write new posts. I know that it will only get worse till the final exams, so I hope I can find enough time to get decent content for you all up.

But for now we should cheers up because today I toast you with a post about Paris! This city is my home-away-from-home. With beautiful streets where you can usually reach the Eiffel Tower in the horizon, the perfect light, lovely pastries and adorable florists in every single corner, this place is just right up my alley! Like I already told you, I have been dreaming on this trip for years! I always wanted to visit this city during the spring, cause I taught it would be even more romantic. Guess I was wrong… Nothing could be more romantic than Paris during the fall! So many lovely colors and a cold breeze that make you want to be snuggled by your beloved one! We flew by the morning and after leaving the luggage at the hotel it only remained us a few hours of light! We started our route in the ‘Jardin du Luxembourg’, where we shot these pictures. One of the things that I most love to do when I’m discovering a new city is walking by its gardens! I Just can’t imagine a metropolitan center without some beautiful parks where you can have a relaxing walk or maybe a picnic. We spent I few time there, enjoying autumn beauty. Then we saw the ‘Panthéon’ and follow until ‘Notre Dame’. The last hour of the day was spent enjoying the ‘Quartier Latin’. With its own picturesque and tight paths, it is an essential place to visit. Furthermore it’s a neighborhood full of restaurants where you can have dinner without spend ‘all of your money’! We chose to try their typical onion soup and it was delicious! Of course we had a second order but I assure you that we would stay just fine with that soup!

About the look, just mention that I’m going crazy with the hats this season! They can transform an outfit in something special! Oh and the leopard shoes are another “must have” as well! I couldn’t resist wearing both! I finally leave you with the pictures. Most of them are about the outfit but don’t worry, in the next posts about Paris I will show you more images of the city! Have a great weekend, I know I will!














4 copy




Knit; Blouse; Pants; Shoes; Hat: Zara (New Collection) // Bag: Parfois ( New collection) // Bracelete: Pandora (Essence collection)

Photography: David Cavalheiro ; Susana Vieira


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