The bags under my eyes are Chanel


Hi guys!!!

First of all I want to apologize, you haven’t heard from me for a while… During this time of the year I barely have time to do anything else but study for my finals. Usually I study at home, so January and June are always enclosure months… For this reason I just couldn’t find enough time to shoot and write some decent content for you. Sometimes I blame myself for not being able to organize more effectively my time in order to accomplish all the daily tasks routine, but the truth is that you always have priorities and in this period they are called ‘exams’. I’m sure that some of you really understand what I’m talking about… Why can’t the days have a few extra hours, right? I really need to catch up on sleep… Well, this distress is over for now and I will be able to update more often! 🙂

Today I am showing you a black and white look. I really love this kind of sober outfits; just like the nude ones they always result very trendy! We shot these pictures some weeks ago in ‘Terreiro do Paço’ (Lisbon) just after buying the last minute Christmas gifts and enjoying lunch in one of the many restaurants through ‘Rua Augusta’. The light of this city (my city) is simply unique, being perfect to take some shots! Returning to the look, I chose to wear an oversize Knit, skinny pants and high-heeled boots. The problem of wearing oversize knits is that your legs will look shorter and when you aren’t as tall as you wanted to be this could be a problem. So, when you are a lover of cozy knits as I am, what you can do is to contrast it with skinny garments and heels to give the illusion that you’re actually taller. You can see another outfit with the same knit here. This knit is like a blanket that keeps you warm, so I don’t need a coat when I am wearing it; I love this one so much because of that! To finish, just saying that the bag is pure Love! I felt amazed by this bag at the first look and I previously knew that I wanted to give it ‘the leading role’ which I have accomplished conjugated it with black and white garments.

For least but not last, I want to thank you for your lovely comments on the social networks! Your support means the world to me!

Xoxo ❤













Photography: David Cavalheiro // Susana Vieira

Knit; Boots; Bag: Zara (Last Season) //  Pants: Mango (Last Season) // Rings: Parfois (Last Season)


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