Zebra Shoes


Hi guys!!!

If you want my company you should ask me for a meal; I assure you I wouldn’t deny! That’s what David did, he invited me for a brunch followed by a walk in ‘El Born’. As you all know, this neighborhood is my favourite in Barcelona. I wanted to show you more of this part of the city, so we shot these pictures in there. I don’t know why I didn’t shot in there sooner… Furthermore, with its bohemian appearance it couldn’t go better with my outfit that day!

In this post you can notice how a few accessories can transform for sure a simple black and white look! The fringe bag and the hat complete the look and the boots with a zebra pattern in their back are pure love!!! About the fringes, they are a must have for this season; It doesn’t matter where do you wear it since you wear it! It could be in a skirt, a jacket or as I do in a bag! Or if you prefer in all of these garments; the more the better!!! In my case I love the boho style and I couldn’t be more excited to wear all of the gorgeous garments that we can find in the stores and also create some proposals to show you all! Stay tuned 😉

I hope you get some inspiration with this look,











Photography: David Cavalheiro // Susana Vieira

Boots: Ruika, via Ellas (Last Season) // Blazer, Blouse: Zara (Old) // Hat: Zara (Last Season) // Bag: Zara (New Season) // Pants: Mango (Last Season) // necklaces: Mango (Old) // Rings: Parfois (old)


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