Messy Hair, Don’t Care


Hi guys!!!

How was your week? Mine was pretty stressful, with practical classes every morning, deadlines to send university papers and group working. Oh, and I also started a diet called ‘Susana’s diet’… basically it’s a diet that restrict all the trash food (all the good stuff 😥 )I used to eat! I am also trying to eat less at dinner, something I have never done in my whole life! To me, the dinner has always been “the meal”! At the beginning it was complicated, but 3 or 4 days later I was already used to it! The truth is that I don’t feel the need to eat some of the worst things I was used to, and I feel really better with myself now! Of course every rule has an exception! Sunday is the day I use to have brunch with the girls and dinner at the best Italian restaurant in the city with my boyfriend…No regrets! I’m trying to fight against my bad habits, I guess… I should also think about going to bed earlier in order to don’t look like a zombie every morning… hmmm, I’m going to think about that!

We shot these pictures during the last time I was in Portugal, when I did NOTHING but enjoy the time with family and friends… Oh, I miss those days! About the look, the leather skirt with the oversize denim jacket and the jackboots saying ‘Bad girl’ is how I always wanted to look like! That day I was feeling confident so I chose this outfit to incorporate the character :P. What do you think?

I hope you like the pictures and have a great time! 🙂














Photography: David cavalheiro

Jacket; Skirt: Zara (Old) // Jersey, boots: Zara (Last Season) // Bag: Zara (New Season)


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