Lace Skirt


Hi guys!!!

Who follow me on instagram (@wapanuckas_eyelashes) knows I was in Portugal for my boyfriend’s birthday a few days ago.  As always, I managed to catch up with my best friends! I really missed them! I should have been studying, so now I have to work really hard because I have my finals very soon! Cross your fingers 😛 Now I’m back to Barcelona and guess what? During my flight I met two Portuguese bloggers that I already follow: Mafalda Castro from the blog Last Time Around and Sofia form the The Mexiquer Blog! What are the odds, right? I’m a lucky girl! 🙂

I shot these pictures with the lovely Teresa, from the blog Pretty Little Stories! She’s a Portuguese girl also studying medicine in Barcelona who found me on instagram! Since that day we always have brunch at the weekends, we have so many things in common! She’s such a cutie!!! I’m very glad to have met her 🙂
I really believe in that one sentence that says something like that: ‘Do the thinks you love and the right people will came and stay in your life’ ❤

About the look, another Sporty Chic proposal for this summer! Personally, I just love to see denim, lace and leopard in the same outfit! Hope you like this look and have a great time!!!














Photography: Teresa Amaral

Blouse: Mango (Old) // Skirt: Zara (Old) // Shoes: Zara (Last Season) // Bag: Parfois (Old) // Bracelet: Pandora (Essence collection)


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