Victorian Blouse


Hi lovelies!!!

Classes have officially ended this year and I can’t wait to return home to celebrate Christmas time with my family! It’s time to packing and to start looking for the perfect present for my loved ones! I love to buy the presents in Baixa, Lisbon a few days before Christmas to enjoy the atmosphere that surround us during this time of the year! This year won’t be different. Have you already made your Christmas shopping? Or as me, you are still looking for?

About the look, this year victorian blouses couldn’t be more in vogue and I just felt in love with this one! It’s definitely a vintage garment! It goes well with everything. This time I decided to conjugate it with this gorgeous skirt, this black bag that is not a Chloe but is still pretty and finally the shoes that I have been wearing lately. I think the result is pretty 60’s, what do you think?

Hope you have a lovely time,











Photography: David Cavalheiro

Blouse; Skirt; Shoes; Bag: Zara (New Season)

Sunglasses: Mango (Old)

Fluffy Keychain: Parfois (New Season)


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