Happy New Year


Happy New Year!!!

How was your New Year’s Eve? Mine was pretty cool! I enjoyed the longest night of the year with my love and some friends! We cooked together, talked for hours and laughed A LOT! At midnight I ate my 12 grapes and asked my wishes for this year. After that we hugged, kissed and finally toasted to a great 2016! There’s no better way to start the year, right? 🙂
Do you remember me telling you in a previous post that Santa brought me a new camera lens and that I was dying to try it? About that, when I was ready to shot my New Year’s Eve look my camera just died, simple as that. As a result I didn’t have the chance to shot my outfit that day and now I have no camera for the next weeks 😦
Luckily I still have a few looks that we shot last year to show you guys (funny how it sounds…. ‘last year’. I could simple say a few days ago but it wouldn’t be the same ahah :P). In this post I’m wearing a black suede skirt conjugated with an embroidered blouse that remind us the 70’s and the black heels that you must be tired to see (I have been wearing them a lot)! The simple scarf detail in the wrist makes all the difference, upgrading the look! You can see another look where I’m wearing the same skirt here and the same heels here.

Last but not least, don’t forget that today is your last chance to enter the contest to WIN A 25€ GIFT CARD FROM ZARA!!! Check how you can participate here. I hope you have a great year!

With love ❤











Photography: David Cavalheiro

Blouse; Skirt; Shoes; Bag: Zara (A/W 2015)

Scarf: Mango (A/W 2015)

Bracelet: Pandora (Essence Collection)










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