Our Love Story


Hi lovelies!!!

Today I’m not talking about style, I’m talking about love! I’m sharing with you a few pictures that David and me shot together some weeks ago with the amazing photographer Gonçalo Cavaleiro. I’m taking the opportunity to share with you our love story! Lets start by the beginning, shall we?

Before I came to Barcelona to study medicine I started studying biomedical engineering in Lisbon. David was studying at the same university. One time we went to the same party, but we didn’t notice each other. A year later David found me on social networks and we started talking. Since then we notice that we had the same values and that we think in a pretty similar way! We used to laugh a lot together and I felt that I could count on him no matter what! At the beginning I only saw David as a friend but subtly a new feeling has born. We fell in love with each other and we started dating on December 26th, seven years ago! During three years we kept a long distance relationship till David ended his studies and came to Barcelona. At the beginning it was not easy. During the first three years, both of us were a little jealous of each other… it wasn’t easy to stay long periods of time without being together. When David came to Barcelona, this kind of problems attenuated but we started to have other worries. Living in the same place requires a team work and sharing tasks wasn’t easy at all. We worked on it and we realised that more than ever we had to cooperate with each other. As you see, it wasn’t a fairy tail but the final balance is positive! Today we keep laughing together, we support each other and we preserve a relationship based on love and respect! More than boyfriend and girlfriend we are best friends and that’s the secret!

You can follow Gonçalo Cavaleiro’s work on facebook and Instagram. If you want to see more pictures, check his website! He is very talented, believe me! I hope you enjoy the pictures!

With Love ❤















Photography: Gonçalo Cavaleiro








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