Coziness Lover


Hi lovelies!!!

You always see me with the same make up; at most I change the lipstick colour. Although I prefer to see myself with make up I don’t like to do my own. It’s kind of confusing, right? I’m definitely not a make up artist and the truth is I don’t feel joy in performing this task. For this reason I always choose to do a simple make up, usually it goes well… Besides, if I don’t like to try other make up styles what should I say about adventuring on new hairdos? I enjoy it even less! Sometimes I may enjoy a particular hairstyle but as I’m not the most talented person in the world to do it I don’t even try! What if I ruin my hair after washing it, right? Usually I just straighten my hair but the day we shot these pictures, and against all odds, I decided to try this simple hairdo. It has been a while since it started to be in vogue and as usual you can search for hair tutorials and that’s what I’ve done some days before. if you are wondering about the purpose of my talk please let me explain; I felt pretty fearless on trying a simple hairdo as this one ahah 😛 Ohh I wish I could have a personal hair stylist as also a personal make up artist…

I’m wearing an oversize knit that makes me feel really cozy on cold days, conjugated with my white fur stole, pants and shoes! About the bag just saying that I can’t stop to add it in my daily outfits! You can see another look where I’m wearing the same bag, knit and fur stole here.

Hope you have a great week! ❤













Photography: David Cavalheiro

Jersey; Knit; Fur Stole: Zara (Last Season)

Pants; Shoes: Zara (New Season)

Bag: Massimo Dutti (Last Season)

Sunglasses: Parfois (Old)

Ring: PDPAOLA (New Season)


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