Cause She’s a Goddess


Have you ever felt like a Goddess? I did! I never thought I could feel this way in a lifetime but I actually did when Catarina and Graciele shot these pictures of me! I felt like I don’t have any flaws, you know?
We all have our insecurities and I’m no exception! Not only physical insecurities but also intellectual and emotional ones. In a world that demands perfection you feel like you are never good enough, always looking for approval… what a heavy burden for us! Shooting with these lovely ladies made me realize that we should love ourselves the way we are! We shot during two hours and I’m not lying when I’m telling that during the whole time they were saying to me how beautiful I am! After a while, I start believing and I realize that beauty isn’t only about good looking, but also about charisma! The way you move, the way you speak, the way you look… it all makes you beautiful! Suddently I felt like if all my imperfections were gone… for good! There will always be someone more beautiful, thinner, intelligent or even funnier than you but they will never be you! It’s the combination of your qualities and even your little flaws that makes you so special, unique!
This was how these ladies made me feel, like if I was a victoria Secret angel or something… seriously! The result is a set of elegant and still sensual pictures! You can see more of the photographers’ work here.












Catarina Zimbarra Photography

Web: Here

Instagram: @catarinazimbarraphotography @sheslovelyfineartphotography

Facebook: Here

What I’m Wearing

Satin Dressing Gown; Lingerie: Oysho (New Season)

Fur Stole: Zara (Last Season)

Bracelet: Pandora (Essence Collection)







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