Winter is Back


Winter is back and I found no time to shoot a single Spring’s outfit! I already have a few new garments waiting in my closet for warmer days, most of them are amazing light blue blouses! I’m going crazy with them, seriously! Meanwhile I bring you a proposal with a touch of pink. I really like to conjugate pink with black and white garments; I have been wearing these colours together a lot lately! I have this jacket in my closet since I was a teenager; I think I was 15 or 16 years old when I bought it! It may be the oldest garment in my wardrobe… I think there is a very similar one at Stradivarius nowadays, so don’t worry if you like mine because you can get a similar one! This is a basic outfit that I dress when I don’t want to blow my mind deciding what to wear. When in doubt wear black, white and a touch of pink!  Hope you like the result 🙂 You can check another look where I’m wearing the same colours here.






mmmmmPhotography: David Cavalheiro

Jacket: Bershka (Old)

Pants: Zara (Last Season)

Jersey; Sneakers: Zara (Old)

Bag: Parfois (Last Season)



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