Oia, Santorini


Today I bring you a look that I shot in Santorini! It has been a while since I wanted to visit the island, but so far it was not possible. I always dreamed about walking in Santorini’s charming streets; with the deep blue of the see back stage. One of the places we visited in Santorini was Oia, the most charming place in Santorini! If you plan to visit Oia, you have to see the idyllic surroundings of the town, full of Cycladic white houses and white washed blue domed churches. The main streets are filled with charming restaurants and local shops, while the others lead to the hotels and are quieter. Oia is without doubt a lovely place full of life where you can enjoy a glass of wine while watching the most beautiful sunset of the island! It’s a good alternative to the big agglomerate of people competing to watch it in the one single square where it is possible to contemplate such a beautiful view. Luckily, we reserved a boat trip that day and we could enjoy the view from the boat.

In a place like that, full of charming corners wherever you go, a simple look is enough to shoot great pictures! I chose to wear garments in white and blue tonalities, of course! The top that I’m wearing here is made of linen and has lovely embroideries; it couldn’t be more perfect for the occasion! I decided to conjugate it with a basic skirt, my white sandals from SheIn and to finalize the look a bag with the same tonalities! The bracelet is from Pandora, but I’m pretty sure you already know it 🙂

I hope the pictures could transport you to this beautiful place, even for a moment… Enjoy the view!











David Cavalheiro

Susana Vieira

What I’m Wearing:

Top, Skirt: Zara (Last Season)

Sandals: SheIn (Here)

Bag: Parfois (New Season)

Bracelet: Pandora (Essence Collection)
















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