Fira, Santorini



Hello lovelies!

Today I bring you another post with pictures that we shot in Santorini! That day we visited Fira. Just like I told you in this post, Santorini is an idyllic place full of Cycladic houses with the deep blue of the sea backstage! I’m pretty sure we walked a few km while exploring this place under high temperatures, but it totally worth it! At the beginning of the afternoon we had a Greek salad for lunch, full of olives and the typical feta cheese. As I couldn’t miss the chance to shoot in such an idyllic place like this, we decided to take some pictures after our meal. The only problem was the amount of people that were in the main streets… it was almost impossible to shoot a single picture without people backstage. We started down the stairs that lead to the hotels searching for a quieter place to shoot and we found this beautiful spot! The problem? Whenever people see us shooting in one place, quickly there is an amount of people just by our side again. It’s the only time when I’m feeling like a true influencer ahah

About the look, one more time I decided to conjugated white and blue garments since these are the main colors of the landscapes in Santorini. I’m wearing an embroidered jacket with a crop top and one of my high waist shorts! To complete the look, a tiny bag and the sandals that I bought during Barcelona’s sales, just before my trip.

I hope you enjoy the pictures,

See you soon ❤















David Cavalheiro

What I’m wearing:

Jacket; Crop Top: Zara (Old)

Shorts: Berska (New Season)

Sandals: Un Paso Más (Last Season)

Bag; sanglasses: Parfois (Old)


Hat: Local Store




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