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Did you know that the skin is our biggest organ? That’s right! Besides, the skin has a lot of important tasks like protect ourselves from the external aggressions. One of these aggressions would be the novice effect of the X-rays during summertime. In order to preserve the skin health we should avoid to get exposed to the sun during the most dangerous hours, apply sun protectors and hydrate our skin after sun exposition.

Per Purr is a shop where you can find 100 % natural premium cosmetics. I always prefer to take care of my skin with cosmetics free of toxics and chemicals. Last summer, I selected the Sunlike Soap and the Antiox Oil to apply on my skin at the end of the beach days. The Sunlike Soap is made of carrot full of beta carotene and cinnamon that allows to realise a subtil exfoliation. The result is a longer and uniform tan skin! After the shower I like to apply an aftersun followed by the application of a natural oil! This way my skin will be hydrated, soft and will preserve its natural brithness. The Antiox oil has antioxidants that neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals emitted by the sun! This way, applying the antiox oil allows not only to give back the skin hidratation as it also allows to take care of our health. Prevention is the best cure, never forget! To wash and hydrate my hair I chose the Natural Premium Shampoo and Conditioner. I can assure you that my hair was never so soft before! And the best of all? The smell of the products!

I’m sure you are dying to try their products by now, so guess what? You can get 15% discount in all of the Per Purr cosmetics with the code WAPANUCKAS!!! Is there a better way to start the Christmas shopping? If you didn’t know what would be the perfect Christmas gift to your loved ones this is it! So hurry up, don’t miss this great opportunity to spoil the skin of our loved ones! I bet your mum, sister and grandmother will love it! I’m curious to try the Spice Cure Bath Salts made of cinnamon and ginger root. Which flavors would be more perfect for Christmas time? ❤
















David Cavalheiro

What I’m Wearing:

Blouse: Romwe (Here)

Swimsuit: Como Un Pez En El Agua

Cosmetics: Per Purr (Here)


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