Let’s talk about hairstyle!


I always had a thin hair. For this reason, during my childhood my mom used to cut my hair a lot in order to get it thicker. Against my will, I had to use short hairstyles, with the hair right above the ear. When I turned 10 and started to express my will, I decided to use long hairstyles until 2 or 3 years ago. Then, I decided to go back to origins and cut more than 30 cm of hair! I was tired to see myself with the same haircut but at the same time I was afraid of change. The truth is, when I found the courage to cut my hair it was like breathing fresh air! I kept the same hairstyle during 2 years, or so, and then I decided to let it grow in order to change the style again!

This summer I decided to cut my hair in a LOB style! Besides, I wanted to give it some light with balayage tresses! In order to achieve this, I tried the Treatwell app! I just had to select the type of service that I was looking for and select the city where I am living. Then I just selected “hair cut” and “balayage” and several promotional offers popped-up! I selected one that suited me fine and trusted in Casas Perruquers to take care of my hair! Beside the excellent quality of the service, the place is delightful and the people who work there are very kind! This was the final result, what do you think? Let me know if you like it 😉

P.S: Despite shooting these pictures during the last 10 minutes of daylight, I really had to show you not only the final result but also the look I was wearing that day. I hope you enjoy the pictures 🙂





David Cavalheiro

What I’m wearing:

Kimono; Skirt: Zara (Old)

Blouse; Necklace: Mango (Old)

Sandals: Mango (Last Season)

Bag: Parfois (Old)

Bracelet: Pandora (Essence Collection)


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