Throwback to Santorini


Helloooo lovelies!

This is the last post with pictures from Santorini. Looking to them reminds me all the good memories that I have from that place but also the not so good ones… We took these pictures during the 3rd day of our trip. The day before, while we were in an endless excursion in the Volcano I started feeling sick. I end the day at the local hospital with a diagnosis of stomach flu. Before going to the hospital I already had my suspicious, not only because I learned about this illness in classes but also because it was not the first time that this happened to me when traveling. After spending 4 hours receiving intravenous medication we went back to the hotel. The Dr. said that I had to rest 4 more days, and those days were the remaining of my trip. I never had the chance to visit Oia or the Red Beach, so you can imagine the sadness I had in that moment. Luckily, the day after I woke up feeling much better so I persuaded my boyfriend to spend the day at the hotel’s pool protected by the sun umbrella, instead of staying stuck at the room the whole day. During the morning I was feeling better and better and during the afternoon I was already diving into the pool and asking my boyfriend to shoot some pictures! Oh, and we end the day eating the most delicious sea pasta that I tasted during my whole life, when I was supposed to spend the next 4 days (according to the Dr.) to just drink tea. In the end it could have been worst :P. You can check the other posts about my trip to Santorini here, herehere and here.

To finish, just saying that although summer is gone, I’m still using this sun protector from Sesderma. Besides protecting my skin from the harmful sun effects, it also has the perfect texture to apply as a makeup primer!

See you soon ❤











David Cavalheiro

What I’m Wearing:

Bikini: Cantê

Hat: Local Store

Sun Protector: Sesderma (Here)



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