5 Things That Help Me To Relax


Can you believe it’s Christmas time again? Neither do I! We were just celebrating Christmas last year and suddenly here we are again. Time flies and if you think about the occasions that you dedicated to yourself last year, relaxing or doing the thinks you love, I’m sure it haven’t been that much! We are living in a busy world where everybody has a lot of obligations to do and can’t find some time to dedicate to themselves. Kind of stressful, ah?
This year I decided to take some time to me during Christmas holidays! I stop worrying about all the tasks that I have to do for the university, about the amount of blog’s posts that I always have in delay no matter how hard I try not to, and about all the presents that I still have to buy for Christmas! In today’s post I’m sharing with you 5 thinks that I like to do to relax:

1) The first one is obviously catching up on sleep and what would be better for that that my new Gisela‘s pajama? It’s soooo cozy! And if it’s raining outside, it feels even better 🙂
2) After sleeping a few more hours than the usual, I wake up starving! I like to prepare a tasty breakfast with the food I most like! Sometimes I appreciate a delicious croissant with my morning coffee, other times I substitute the croissant for a natural yogurt with granola and my favorite fruit. The important is to have more that 5 minutes to appreciate the moment!
3) During the breakfast I also like to read my favorite fashion magazine. Yes, I’m talking about vogue! I’m always curious to learn about the new trends. I also scroll on Instagram, It’s how I get inspired to accomplish my looks 🙂
4) Who doesn’t like to watch T.V shows? I’m no exception. I’m a huge fan of Grey’s anatomy since the beginning but I must confess that with McDreamy lost a lot of the show’s charm had gone forever 😛
5) For last but not least, I enjoy some time spoiling my skin with the amazing Bioderma’s cosmetics! Their skin care products make the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or others, especialy if you struggle with dry skin during these cold months like me 🙂

Now you know me a little better 🙂 I hope you get inspired with this post and take some free time to yourself too! Have a lovely day ❤










David Cavalheiro / Susana Vieira

What I’m Wearing:

Pajama: Gisela (Here)

Atoderm Hand Cream: Bioderma (Here)






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