Why I love Barcelona So Much


I can’t say it was love at first glance concerning Barcelona. In fact, I was pretty scared to live in such a big city when I fist came. Slowly I started to fall in love with this city. Today I love to live here but I would love to experience to live in other foreign cities as well. On the other hand, I still have my family and best friends in Portugal. Never mind, today I’m sharing with you the main reasons why I love Barcelona more and more every day!
What scared me the most at the beginning is now one of the main reasons why I love this city so much! Barcelona is a cosmopolitan place where you can find whatever you are searching for, from a lot of cultural activities till a nice places to dance all night! You can discover a lot of nice places to eat as well. Depending on what you like, you can taste delicious brunches in the many spots available, wonderful pastas or the typical paellas. When visiting Barcelona, the delightful architecture of this city will probably leave you out of words. Imagine if you’re living here… Every day you find a building even more picturesque! The truth is that you can find a lot of beautiful places to shoot great pictures, the only problem is the fact that the place is always full of people (It couldn’t be otherwise, right? :P).
When I first arrived here, I immediately appreciated how people were open mind  comparing to the small village where I used to live. You can wear whatever you want to wear and nobody will judge you. At least, this was what I felt. Basically, everyone can be whomever he or she wants!
Barcelona is also the perfect place to shopping! If you follow my blog you must have noticed that Zara is my favorite store. Around Plaza Catalunya, you can find at least 5 stores of the well known brand and recently inaugurated one, currently the biggest in Europe! This is a something to take into account for fashion bloggers, I guess 😛
For last but not least, in within a radius of 200km you can find paradisiac beaches in Costa Brava and the perfect spots to practice sky during winter. I understand why the native people from here love so much their Cataluña. It’s a great place to live actually, don’t you think?

About the look, just saying that it is one of my favorites! I really love everything about it. You can appreciate the skirt details better if you check this post!

I hope you like this post and can visit Barcelona soon ❤










David Cavalheiro

What I’m wearing:

Jersey: Zara (New Collection)

Skirt: Zara (Old)

Shoes: Mango (New Collection)

Bag; Hearings: Parfois (New Collection)


Atoderm Hand Cream: Bioderma (Here)





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