New Year’s Resolutions


Happy New Year lovelies!!!

First of all I want to thank you all for you unconditional support! As a blogger, 2016 was a great year and it couldn’t be possible without you! Each one of you guys are part of my virtual family now! I hope you keep following my adventures this year and, just like me, I hope you can see your dreams come true! With the New Year it’s time to keep the family moments engraved on our memories and hearts and start the hard work again! Last Monday I started my practical classes and in two weeks I will have my first exame. Despite being focused on my studies during the next weeks, I will keep publishing looks as soon as possible. Conjugate activities demands some organisation, and it isn’t easy at all. In order to organize myself, I made a list with 5 New Year’s resolutions. Today I’m sharing them with you; maybe it could help you with your life as well!

1) Organization is everything! As you could notice, this isn’t my major strength. This year I will try to develop my skills to better organize my time. I’m sure that this would be very helpful to keep the stress away!
2) Stop overthinking! Making a decision isn’t easy for me… I overthink to much, like all the consequences a decision can take. This problem of mine even affects the choice of a simple pizza that I want to share with my boyfriend on a Sunday Night! It’s just pizza for God sake, it will be tasty no matter what 😛
3) Do more of what makes me happy! As we grow up, we realise that time flies and we start recognising the small things as the important ones! I’m sure that taking time to appreciate small things leads to happiness! This year I hope I can enjoy more of these moments with family and friends, instead of being always worried about the amount of tasks I have to perform!
4) Adopt a dog! I have this wish since I’m living in a foreign country, but it was not possible so far! Maybe this year! Cavaliers and beagles are so cute, don’t you think?
5) Becoming a doctor! My medical studies have not been easy so far, but I’m sure they were worth! This one is my biggest resolution for 2017, no doubt.

Let me know about your New Year’s resolutions! Is there some similar to mine? 🙂









David Cavalheiro

What I’m Wearing:

Blouse; Trousers: Zara (A/W 16/17)

Coat; Sneakers: Zara (Old)

Bag; Bandana: Parfois (A/W 16/17)


Sensibio Eye: Bioderma (Here)


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