Can we start the weekend over again?


Hello lovelies!

How was your week? Last Monday I started my internship at the hospital and I’m still studying for my medical exams. During the past week I had to woke up everyday at 6.00 am in order to be at the hospital at 8.00 am. As a medical student I have to wash my hands often in order to avoid the transmission of nosocomial infections. The result is dry hands. To keep them hydrated I use the Atoderm hand cream from Bioderma , it saves my life! After having lunch at 3 pm, I spend the afternoons studying. So, you can imagine how stressful the last days have been… Despite the lack of time dedicated to the blog lately, I always shoot some photos when I can allow myself the luxury of a few hours off.
Last Saturday my boyfriend and I had dinner at one of my favourite restaurants in town. We ate paella, drank white wine and we end the meal with a piece of lemon pie and a cup of black/vanilla tea! It was so delicious! For the occasion I selected an appropriate look, combining a blouse with little pearls as details, a checkered skirt and a coat that protected me from the cold weather! To complete the look I chose this beautiful bag with the same tonalities of the skirt, my favorite shoes inspired by Chanel and the PDPAOLA’ s jewelry that my boyfriend gave me last Christmas! I really love the result; actually this is one of my favorite looks! What do you think? You can check another looks where I’m wearing the same bag (here and here) and where I’m wearing the same shoes (here).

Hope you have enjoyed the weekend! See you soon 🙂











David Cavalheiro

What I’m wearing:

Coat; Blouse: Zara (New Season)

Skirt: Zara (Last Season)

Shoes: Mango (Last Season)

Bag: Massimo Dutti (Old)

Jewellery: PDPAOLA

Atoderm Hand Cream: Bioderma (Here





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