“Leopard wasn’t meant to be cheap; wear it with class”


Leopard is a pattern that can highlight any look; we just have to wear it carefully in order to avoid getting a vulgar one. As always, the key is to find a balance. There are plenty of ways to conjugate a leopard garment that results very well, but if you don’t feel confident wearing a garment with such pattern you can chose to wear it as an outfit detail.
The leopard neckpiece makes the coat that I’m wearing in this look the statement garment! I conjugated it with a camel jersey, a white blouse with large sleeves and my new broken jeans! To complete the look THE shoes of the moment, inspired by Chanel, and some gold jewelry. I really like this kind of Hi-Lo outfits, where chic and ‘trashy’ emerge in the same look making it funnier! Do you like this trend? You can check another outfit where I’m wearing the same shoes here.

P.S: Don’t you love these earrings? My boyfriend says I’m wearing wings on my ears; guess I’m a Victoria’s Secret angel now ahah 😛









David Cavalheiro

What I’m Wearing:

Coat; Blouse: Zara (Last Season)

Jeans: Zara (New Season)

Jersey: H&M (Last Season)

Shoes: Mango (Last Season)

Bag: Parfois (Old)

Earrings: Parfois (Last Season)











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