Trashy but Chic


As time goes by, I’m prioritising more comfort. During cold days nothing feels better than snuggling into a cozy jersey as this one. At the same time, I notice that my fashion taste is becoming more and more sophisticated. However, I refuse to sacrifice wellbeing to accomplish a refined look. Unlike what people can think, sophistication doesn’t always mean high stilettos; it can be acquired by involving yourself into a quality knit made with a superior material or by wearing a comfortable pair of shoes. As I like to mix trends, I gave a ‘rock and roll’ touch to this look by wearing a fake leather jacket and trousers with trashy details. I really like this kind of high-low outfits where chic and ‘trashy’ emerge in the same look! What about you? You can check another outfit where I’m wearing the same jersey here 🙂






David Cavalheiro

What I’m Wearing:

Jacket: Mango (Old)

Jersey: Zara (Old)

Pants: Zara (Last Season)

Shoes: Mango (Last Season)

Bag: Parfois (Old)






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