Hello, Mr. Grey!


Dark grey was always a colour that I like to see in other people, especially when it is conjugated with beige tonalities. However, I didn’t see myself wearing it. Against all odds last winter this shade was the leading one in my wardrobe. In today’s post I’m wearing an outfit where this colour pops up mixed with soft notes of blue in the blouse, a light grey bag and greige boots. Furthermore, the blazer has discreet stripes in light grey and inside the sleeves it can also be noted a touch of light blue. The gold jewellery as the burgundy details in the lipstick and in the nail polish bring elegance to the look. As I said in the latest post, I notice that my fashion taste is becoming more and more sophisticated. It couldn’t be easier to accomplish such thing as wearing these tonalities conjugated. I guess this look speaks for itself, don’t you agree? You can check other post outfit where I’m wearing the same pants and boots here and here and another one where I’m conjugating the same blouse in a distinct way here🙂







David Cavalheiro

What I’m Wearing:

Blazer; Blouse; Pants; Boots: Zara (Last Season)

Bag; Earrings: Parfois (Last Season)



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