Firenze, Ciao Bella


Last month David and I had 5 days of vacations in Italy. First we visited Rome, then Siena and for last but not least Florence. Today’s post is about our day in Florence. We arrived at 10 AM and at the end of the day we had to take our flight back to Barcelona from Pisa. As you see, we had just a few hours to explore this place full of art.
We started our walk in Lungarno Corsini, a street that goes along with Florence’s river named Arno. We crossed the river by Santa Trinita Bridge, walk till the Pitti Palace and returned by the Vecchio Bridge. This is one of the most famous bridges in the world and one of the oldest in Europe; it was built in 1345. It’s a peculiar bridge since there are a lot of goldsmiths in both sides. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful places arround the city! 
At this point David bought a delicious focaccia” so we could dissimulate the hunger that we were feeling. After eating we kept our rail till the Signoria Square where there is the Vecchio Palace, the Accademia Gallery (where you can find the most famous sculpture of Miguel Angelo, named David) and the Uffizi Gallery (you can find here one of the oldest and more famous art collections in the world).
We crossed the Republic Square, a place where some artists are selling their paintings and others are playing music with their instruments, and we kept going till the Duomo. Made with white, pink and green marble, the Florence’s Cathedral is the most majestic building in the city! Designed by Arnolfo Di Cambio, its construction started in 1296 and tooked 150 years to be complete.
As we still had a couple of hours in the city, we decided to visit the inside of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral. We bought a ticket that allowed us to visit the Baptistery of San Giovanni and to climb the tower. There we were able to contemplate the beautiful cathedral’s dome made with red bricks and also the incredible view of the city. It took my breath away; it was such a beautiful scenario!
Another place that I was not able to visit but looking for next time is the Boboli Gardens. There you can enjoy incredible views of the city as well.
Before taking the train to Pisa, we had some time to enjoy our last Italian meal. David chose Pizza and I ordered “pasta alla carbonara”. This pasta turned to be my new addiction since I tasted the best one in Rome! For desert a slice of tiramisu”, what else? 😉














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