Roma, Buongiorno Principessa


Hello lovelies!

I’m back and today I’m talking about what my boyfriend and I did during 24h in Rome. We arrived Saturday at 5 p.m and we decided to visit the Vaticano during the few hours we had till the end of the day. Unfortunately we missed the opportunity to see the Pope because he only appears on Sundays. We really feel a strong empathy with him.
In the Basilica di San Pietro we climbed to the top of the church to have a panoramic view of the city. But first we had to wait a lot of time in a long queue and then we had to climb hundreds of stairs to reach the top. Anyway, it was totally worth it!
At the end of the day we went to the Piazza Navona where I ate the best carbonara of my life! After the dinner, we walked a little in the city and returned to our hotel but not before having an Italian ice cream! We went to a place that had so many flavours that I had to take my time to have a decision ahah.
The day after we enjoyed a great breakfast in the hotel and then we walked till the Trevi Fountain. When we arrived I couldn’t believe how beautiful the place is… I started to wonder how I would shoot a single picture without a sea of people near me… So, if you want to take nice pictures in touristic places like this one I recommend you to wake up really early and to be the first one to arrive at the place. Otherwise the panorama isn’t favourable… After managing to take some pictures, I couldn’t left the Trevi Fountain without throwing some coins there. The legend says that if you throw one coin to the fountain you will return to Rome, a second coin leads to a new romance and a third one leads to marriage. I just had two coins in my hand. After telling the legend to my boyfriend he gave me the third one.
After that romantic moment between us, we were really hungry and decided to have lunch. I tasted for the first time a pasta trufada while David ate the typical lasagna. For dessert we shared a delicious tiramisù. We appreciated our last few hours in Rome near the coliseum. Unfortunately we found no time to visit the Plaza di Spagna. Maybe next time 🙂 

I hope you have enjoyed this travel post and that you visit Rome soon,

With love,














David Cavalheiro & Susana Vieira

 I’m Wearing:

Blazer: Zara (Old)

Top; Earrings: Zara (Old)

Trousers: Mango (Old)

Shoes: Massimo Dutti (Old)

Bag: Parfois (Old)



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