Tuscany, You Have my Heart


Hello Lovelies!

As you have been noticing, my favorite country to visit during summertime is Italy! In today’s post I’m talking about our road trip trough Tuscany.
While we were in the road, we stopped a few times to appreciate the beautiful landscapes. The place is full of endless fields… Next time I won’t lose the opportunity to enjoy a picnic in there!
Our first stop was in Terme di Saturnia, an oasis where you can get hot baths! Can you imagine how peaceful is to enjoy a 37ºC bath in the middle of countryside? We just relaxed there for an hour or so. As you can see in the pictures I got my own pull, and yes, David got his one too ahah. Of course I couldn’t loose the opportunity to shoot some pictures with David in such a beautiful place as this one!
I hope you like these kind of posts where I talk about my trips because there are many more coming soon! In the next post I’m going to talk about the second part of our Tuscany road trip, so stay tuned! For now enjoy the pictures 🙂 

With Love,



us defenitivo



David Cavalheiro & Susana Vieira

What I’m Wearing:

Swimsuit: Como un Pez en el Agua


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