About me

Hi there!!!

First of all, I want to thank you for visiting my blog!!!

My name is Susana. I’m from Lisbon, Portugal and nowadays I’m studying in Barcelona. So, what can I say about me? Well, I’m a passionate girl who has this wild desire to express myself. I’m in love with so many arts, like photography, dance or write. But more than anything, I’m a fashion lover!!! I can stay all day going from fashion blog to fashion blog without noticing that the time is passing. In these fashion blogs I admire the creativity of every single Blogger that, with so distinct styles, exposes their art. I get myself inspired when I see their blogs. So, one time I had this uncontrollable felling that I should inspire other girls too. That’s when I decided to start my blog.

The first challenge was to pick a name. I wanted it as a powerful and unique one that stays in the ear, but also that reflect myself. The name that I have chosen in the first place was the one you see. I can briefly tell you the story of it: someday my boyfriend bought an iPhone. When trying ‘Siri’ he said to her to send a message to his girlfriend (me), but Siri didn`t get that.. she understood that she should send a message to ‘Wapanucka’. So, since that day my boyfriend starts to call me ‘Wapanucka’. Definitely it would be a unique name for my blog… The other part of the name’s blog is due to the most frequent compliment that I receive, even from people that I do not know: how long my eyelashes are. So, I think this is something that defines me!!

I have always dreamed about being a model. Of course I can’t follow this dream because I’m not tall enough (thanks mom for not giving me your 1,75 m :P) . Having my blog is a way to expose my passion for style and follow my dream but in another way. In this blog you can see my style, my tastes and my personality. I will also tell you about my travels and my experiences. Basically, you can find me here.

I hope you like it!!! I would love to see you here more often ♥



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